With the Lok Sabha Polls coming up this year the whole nation is gearing up to head to the poll booths, or is it? Voting is almost a sacred ritual we as a nation indulge in every five years, and like most rituals, people who are young (at least the educated middle class ones) hate it because they find it unnecessary and tiring.

Can we blame them? Or has the system of government in India disillusioned the youth to such an extent that they are indifferent to the governance of the country? Being young ourselves we feel a lot of the common sentiments of young people.  Here are some of the possible reasons many young people hate voting:

1) Getting a voters card- Getting a voters card is a confusing process, many young people are too busy with college, work and senseless partying to care to get a voters card before it’s too late.

2) Holiday- Election day is a holiday where one can either get up early, got to the nearest pooling booth, stand in line and vote, or sleep all day. Between the two which sounds better?

3) No idea what’s happening- Given the complex and frustrating nature of Indian politics most young people have no idea what’s going, but to be fair nobody does.

4) Don’t care what’s happening- Many young people don’t care about politics, they have the feeling, and rightly so that whatever government comes into power is going to be exactly the same as the previous one.

5) Corruption- Many young people believe that corruption is not an attribute of one party, it’s an attribute of all political parties and governments in general.

6) Lack of young leaders- We’re not saying India lacks young political leaders, we’re just saying that our “youngest” candidate for PM is more than 40.

7) No trust in the system- Many young people have little faith in the government irrespective of who is in power for whatever personal reason.

8)  Lack of distinguishing ideology- Most political parties are centered around individuals rather than a system of beliefs, in that sense they are all similar despite being dissimilar.

These are the core issues that the youth have with politics and hence are not keen on voting, many of the reasons are genuine and it would be unfair to criticize them for it. Voting is a choice and people should definitely vote even if it is for nobody, that option was included precisely because of people’s lack of faith in the candidates they have to choose from. Remember no matter who you vote for, you’re probably going to end up getting disappointed anyway.