woman-thinkingThere is a lot of Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars non-sense that has been going on for years and no one really knows what the other sex is thinking. The best they have is their most accurate guess which is like shooting at targets in the dark. Women understand other women and most of them envy each other for that but men knowing men stay clear of tricky topics. When it comes to clothes, two guys wearing similar clothes will instantly bond but two women wearing similar clothes will veer off from each other. Here is some insight in to the mind of a man.

  1. An erection is not always because of conscious thoughts, it’s odd and happens at the most embarrassing of times. Think before judging a man on that.
  2. Men do not always think of sex. There are times when sex is the worst thing that we can think about and we just want to stay at home watch movies all day.
  3. Not every other female friend we have is someone we want to have sex with. That’s like saying that a girl wants to have sex with every one of her male friends. Completely preposterous!
  4. If there is a password on a guy’s phone, he is probably definitely chatting or talking to another girl which he wants to keep secret. No man will deliberately make accessing his phone complicated for no good reason.
  5. Ask men to do stuff like open a bottle of ketchup or get rid of a cockroach. Don’t expect him to be your knight in shining armor if you are acting tough all the time and he adjusts to that. It completely changes our perspective when you act like a little helpless girl. You know you do that.
  6. Don’t ask your husband/boy friend if you are prettier than his favourite actress. Does a man ask if he is better looking than Brad Pitt? Respect yourself for who you are. Celebrities have armies of make-up artists to make them look good and not to mention Photoshop for the pictures.
  7. In the inevitable event of a fight. Take a break, the guy is most likely to forget the whole point of the fight by that time. We sometimes forget the reason of an argument while arguing so let it go if you can.
  8. If we seem lost, don’t keep nagging about what we are thinking. Unlike women, men can absolutely clear out their minds and it is heavenly, at times.