Dogs are known to predict and understand human behavior better, but having a dog gives extra bonus to socialize more. Canines are known to reduce you loneliness, you obviously take your dog to training not your cat and you may have a very intelligent rat, but it might not respond to your interactions.

A dog owner need not have to be extraordinarily charming; being a dog owner makes him a score above the other for girls. So guys with dogs need not go to speed dating or a bar to indulge in interaction and thereby getting to know someone, they can do it at the park while walking their dog. Your dog makes you look like a million dollars around women is just one reason. Here are few reasons why having a dog becomes a reason to score your ladylove.

Works as an icebreaker


It would be perfect if you guys would have something in common; the dog. But even if she doesn’t own a dog, seeing you walk with a dog woman will be more likely to approach you. Dogs being people friendly, is an added advantage here for you.

You are responsible


So your dog looks all happy and healthy, she would instantly know that you are the responsible one behind your dog’s happiness. Your happiness can be seen in the warm furry animal. Being responsible is one of the features women look for in men. So you can easily take your next step.



Caring for an animal takes the same amount of effort that you need to put for a person. So being a dog owner shows that you are compassionate. This extreme level of empathy can draw a woman towards you.



The fact that you have a dog makes you by default responsible to have a daily routine for you furry friend. Along with your daily routine you also manage to feed your dog , bathe him and take him for a walk, this shows how much of a disciplined and organized person you are, which is sure enough to impress anyone.

Not commitment phobic


There are many who slip out of any situation leading to a relationship saying that they are totally commitment phobic. So the fact that you own a dog implies that you will pet him till the end with dedication and commitment. Every woman craves a person who is not afraid of long term relationship and can look up for him to be committed to you.

Well groomed


You spend a lot of time grooming your dog that on some unconscious way it affects your grooming as well. You are better groomed by most of the people. So she will be impressed by your good looking furry friend as well as your well groomed look.

You master unspoken words


You understand the unspoken words living with a pet. Obviously your dog can’t speak up for his or her needs and yet you feed your dog when he’s hungry take him out to empty his bladder, she automatically believes that you would be the same way with her ,understanding better without much words.

Turn to the furry one


And talking about probability of a relationship, if you both have some problems, both of you can always turn to the dog to comfort you.

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend