Cartoons were there for most of us when we were young and growing up to face the wayward challenges in life. Some even believe that cartoons taught them more than their own dad could ever teach. Towards the end of our childhood, we parted ways with characters like Tom and Jerry, Cat-Dog, Hey Arnold and several more, but there were some that left a mark. Here are the nine cartoons that we were the coolest in our time:

1. Swat Kats
If you got back home from school to catch the Swat Cats episode of the day, then you’ve had a great childhood. The opening credits were amazing, the Black Sabbath-esque guitar riff just made it happen for all of us. T-Bone and Razor were vigilante pilots who protected MegaKat City from destined trouble. And it goes without saying that MegaKat City was always in trouble due to the darkest of the darkest villains.

2. Jackie Chan Adventures
A fictionalized version of Jackie Chan along with his uncle – Uncle and his niece – Jade search for 12 talismans before a criminal organization – The Dark Hand can get a hold of them to destroy the world. The series also features constant references to Jackie Chan’s actual works in movies in Hollywood.

3. Batman Animated Series
With about 100 episodes, Batman battles crime in Gotham City with the occasional help from Robin and Batgirl in the cartoon adaptation of the Batman comics. The Dark Knight fights a series of characters in the series with the bad guys ranging from Joker, Poison Ivy, Roland Daggett, Scarecrow, Bane and several others. The show has won four Emmy Awards and considering the time it was launched in, it was a high quality-kickass cartoon with whole lot of action.

4. Johnny Bravo
Written by Seth MacFarlane, the show was considered a classic and was about Johnny Bravo who was a dumb blond man with a huge ego who was always looking to score with the ladies. He was deluded about his own manliness and was always under the belief that he could always get what he wanted. The iconic character has taught all us guys how not to treat the women with catchphrases like “Wooaahh, mama!”

5. Dexter’s Laboratory
This special cartoon was about Dexter – the boy genius who somehow managed to solve the world’s problems by working it out in his secret laboratory in his bedroom that nobody knew about. Except his annoying sister – Dee Dee. The lab was massive but still inexplicably fit perfectly into his tiny little home. The show also had extra segments of the Dial M for Monkey and The Justice Friends.

6. The Mask
The cartoon is about the journey of how a boring Stanley Ipkiss turns into a fireball after wearing a green rubber-faced mask. The mask possesses the courage to do the wild, fun things that Stanley always fears to do. When he turns into The Mask he causes chaos with his superhuman powers. Stanley’s dog too occasionally wears the mask when Stanley’s in trouble.

7. X-Men
Professor Xavier leads his team of mutants known as the X-Men in the never-ending fight for justice. The X-Men were a cool group of people who occasionally had their tiffs but always came together when in need to protect humans and other mutants from any kind of danger.

8. The Flintstones
This is a favorite family cartoon that depicts a married man’s life during the Stone Age period. Cars are driven by foot; dinosaurs are used as pulleys and the entire theme demonstrates creativity. Fred Flintstone was the main character who showed us how to fight it out to be the better man in life.

9. Scooby Doo
Most of us watched the group of young detectives travel around in the Mystery Machine solve mysteries within half an hour. Scooby Doo was always terrified as he tagged along with the group but always managed to turn out the hero. Together with his best friend Shaggy, both always caused trouble at first and almost everytime gorged on some crazy food as they were always hungry.