Necessity is the mother of invention. How many times have you ever wondered, while slogging in a gym, that it would be great if you could just take the treadmill outside and enjoy nature while exercising? This is the very thought that crossed Bruin Bergmeester’s mind and he decided to act on it instead of just daydreaming. He went ahead and invented the Lopifit which is the world’s first treadmill which also acts like a scooter and comes with an electric motor.

Vehicles do take us from one place to another faster and quicker. But then, they also create a whole lot of pollution, contribute to a sedentary lifestyle and make us unhealthy, adding to our woes. Instead, the Lopifit sounds to be an amazingly simple solution. We spend hours of our life driving to get to work or anywhere and hours cooped up inside a gym to try and get healthy. But then, what if we could combine the two? Sometimes, living far away from our work places doesn’t make it feasible to walk all the way. Instead, you just take your vehicle or the bus/train and instead spend more time in the gym to exercise. The Lopifit eliminates the need to do the two things separately. You can now drive to work and walk at the same time!

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The Lopifit comes with a small electric motor. Instead of your scooter seat, there’s a treadmill. As you walk forward on the treadmill, the treadmill pushes back and the electric motor automatically gets activated. It senses you are moving and activates the wheels which then keep the treadmill running and ensures you keep walking. The Lopifit also comes with a break. As soon as you press the break, the motor instantly turns off and the treadmill and the vehicle stops. While going downhill, the motor senses the incline and automatically stops working, relying on the natural roll and force, saving energy.

Created by Bruin from Valthe village in Netherlands, the Lopifit has recently gone up for sale. Bruin Bergmeester created the Lopifit all by himself on a whim. He did it on weekends and post work. The entire vehicle was created by him from scratch right there, in his living room with the help of his wife. When he first started using it, people (including his wife) were skeptical and ridiculed him. But soon, the concept caught on and he began creating more such bikes for the locals and others. The latest version of the Lopifit comes with rear lights and a baggage carrier behind the vehicle.




The Lopifit is currently available in the UK and the USA and is priced at 1799 Euros (Approx Rs 1,32,500). With the vehicle explanding all over the world, we see the Lopifit entering India soon too! Do you think we will be able to ride the Lopifit on Indian roads? Won’t the potholes mean double the exercise and sweat? Also, will you buy a Lopifit for half a lakh? Cool or silly, what’s your take on the bike?