Writing poems are is not something everybody can do no matter how hard they try but for those who get it naturally, they can weave wonders with their words. Derek Nichols posted a picture of the printout that his 14-year-old younger brother wrote. The picture has been Liked, Shared and Retweeted thousands of times and has become quite the internet sensation.
The Poem is of 25 lines and philosophy wise it may be called good or even excellent from a teenager but the main trick lies when it makes sense while reading it from end to start. And it has not been written to give the same meaning but a whole new one when read in reverse.
You don’t get to read something like this every day and especially from a teenager, this is probably the makings of the next literary genius the world will see if the teenager continues on this path.
We sure are waiting if there are more works of literary genius lined up for the future.

Here’s the Tweet from Derek Nichols which has gone viral.

Here’s a video if you want an interactive experience with the poem.