There is a video that has been posted by news agency ANI, wherein models are standing on an airstrip and were busy striking a pose when the private plane flies over their heads. After the incident, the nine models were seen cheering up, and the breaking of security rules have been noticed. ANI shared the video which also stated that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) sources have confirmed that probe has already begun and captioned the video as, “Models stood on airstrip as pvt plane took off from right behind them, DGCA Sources say probe has begun for aviation security rules violation”.

In the video, we can see a private jet which is the Cessna Grand Caravan C208B Aircraft that takes off from the highway and moved over their heads. Bizarre! The models have violated the aviation rules, and the DCGA have started an enquiry. The location of the road is yet not known, but in the video, it can be seen that the jet belongs to Supreme Airlines which is operated by the state of Rajasthan.

Watch the video here.


It seems as the scene is shot for some reality show, wherein one of the model says, “WE LANDED AT A PRIVATE AIRSTRIP WHERE THERE WAS A PRIVATE PLANE THAT WAS WAITING FOR US.” The video was captured on MMS, and the DCGA conducts the investigation. The entire act was shot professionally, and one of the models poses in front of Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal. The MMS shows an ecstatic model saying, “We landed at a private airstrip where there was a private plane that was waiting for us.” Another model says, “I think this tops the list of craziest things I have ever done.”

The video further even shows that the model boards the plane and it is flying in it. But we are unsure whether they got off this plane and then shot the scene. According to DGCA website, VT-SAI belongs to the Mumbai-based company. “There is always a chance that the pilot decides to abort take off at the last minute for some reason and then these people would not have had a chance to get off the runway,” said a senior pilot to TOI.