drunkardFor those who love to party and get high but do not want to disclose their drinking habits to family or friends, this mobile application can help them “black out” all evidence of previous night from smart phones and social media.

Named Livr, this app only opens when you are drunk. “The beauty of the ‘Blackout’ button is that it encourages anybody using Livr to just be themselves, to not censor themselves,” Avery Platz, one of its creators, was quoted as saying.

A “Morning After Report” can be sent to other users showing off any antics from the previous night. Photos are only uploaded to the app and can only be seen by other drunk people. How does it function?

It works with a breathalyser that plugs into the charging port of an iOS or Android device. To open the app, users blow on the “breathalyser” to get a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading. “If their BAC is above the legal limit for driving, the app and social network opens. The higher the BAC, the more features are unlocked,” co-creator Kyle Addison added.

These features include a “Drunk Dial” option that randomly calls the number of another Livr user. The “Hot Spots” feature is a map that shows nearest bars and clubs. Pressing the “Blackout Button” cleans all evidence, including photos and call history, from the device.

“The app is intended for responsible adults of legal drinking age. It is purely intended for entertainment purposes,” the creators posted on the Livr website. “Do not drink and drive. Do not drink excessively,” they added.