The Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) continues to self-destruct itself. With the senior leaders continue infighting, the party’s image has self-hit a major blow. Recent duels between Manish Sisodia– Yogendra Yadav; Yogendra Yadav- Naveen Jaidhind; have created a lot of ruckus in the party. Anjali Damania recently had submitted his resignation only to retract from it. The Shazia- Gopinath resignation had only worsened the issue. What makes the newly formed 19-month party continues so vulnerable to controversies? We look at the list of those 8 points.

1. Arvind Kejriwal

Any prominent leader who has left the party has questioned Arvind Kejriwal’s style of functioning. The party members who quit the party leveled serious allegations of being an anarchic against the party supremo Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal himself has not shown any exemplary leadership quality either. Failing in almost every decision he has taken only worsens his case. The only merit for Arvind Kejriwal is winning 28 seats in the Delhi Assembly elections.

2. Decisions behind the closed doors?

The biggest accusation against AAP is that, the party’s strategy is discussed behind the closed doors. On one hand where they had referendum for forming the government, the party was dissolved after discussions among the top brass leadership. Senior leaders left the party accusing it of discussing matter s within themselves and not party members.

3. Main bhi hero, Tu bhi hero

There are many people in the party vying to be the next top person in the party. Be it Yogendra Yadav, or Manish Sisodia; Ashutosh or Shazia Ilmi or Prashant Bhushan , every person is acting as the vice-captain of the team. These conflicts of interests have led to serious infighting in the party.

4. Internal democracy

On one hand, where AAP party boasts of internal democracy, the party functioning clearly shows that lack of internal democracy is hurting the party. Party reversing its own decision on several occasions after revolts in the party portrays the lack of democracy in AAP.

5. Inexperience

One major worrisome matter for the topic for AAP is its inexperience. Only a year and half old party did win the Delhi Assembly Elections but fighting Lok Sabha Elections pan-India without strong ground support showed inexperience.

6. Debacle in Lok Sabha

The recent controversies have erupted after the debacle in the Lok Sabha Elections. The party could win only 4 seats out of 434 candidates who contested. Shazia Ilmi was reportedly miffed over her constituency allocation. Many high-profile candidates were given tickets which created protests among the party workers.

7. My way or the highway

Arvind Kejriwal’s my way or the highway tactics hasn’t gone well down with the public at large. Staging dharnas at various occasions over whimsical reasons drew ire of many. Painting all black is one of the bewildering traits of Arvind Kejriwal & co.

8. The mirage or reality?

Is the AAP the real hope of the public or it’s a mirage? The party since its inception has failed to live up to people’s expectations and has been going haywire in the last couple of weeks. It’s turning out to be just another political party who by hook-or-crook is hogging for limelight.

If the same issues persist with the Aam Aadmi Party, the road is not too long for the newly formed party. If only the party could tap in the actual mood of the public, and work as it was to, the party may get a new lease of life. Else the AAP conundrum will continue!

Photo Credits: Jyoti Desale