India’s outgoing prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh submitted his resignation to President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday, May 17, 2014. In his farewell speech, aired on ABP News live, he said he was indebted for having been chosen as PM by the country, calling himself an “an underprivileged child of partition”.

“Serving this nation has been my privilege. There is nothing more that I could ask for,” he added. He said he was happy to leave office with a “far stronger country in every respect than it was a decade ago”.

Dr. Singh was PM for two terms of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) governments for the last decade.

“Today, as I prepare to lay down office, I am aware that well before the final judgment that we all await from the Almighty, there is judgment in the court of public opinion that all elected officials and governments are required to submit themselves to. As I have said on many occasions, my life and tenure in public office are an open book. I have always tried to do my best in serving this great nation of ours,” he signed off.

Watch video: Manmohan Singh resigns, says he is indebted for having been chosen as PM