Various types of sex to make your sex life steamy have been revealed.

Quickies are the option when a couple doesn’t have much time on their hands, and one of them giving oral sex before leaving for work, petting to climax in the car at a drive-in movie, or using vibrators to have orgasms without a lot of foreplay late at night, can help in the marriage, Huffington Post reported.

‘Romantic Sex’, which including a nice candle night dinner, quiet talking, dressing up, perhaps a lovely hotel room, or a romantic dinner for two, is the perfect recipe for a steamy night.

New Couple Sex’ is where the couple recreates a scene from their dating days, and try to rekindle the romance by doing exactly what they used to at the onset of their courtship.

‘Making-up Sex’ can come in handy after an argument or a struggle, and after the couple has forgiven each other, the lovemaking can be extra tender and memorable. ANI