The work of advertising agencies is unbelievably tough because they have to make a memorable advert that embeds the product and the ad to the mind of the customer and make a customer out of a non-user because of the amazing advert. Products that are doing exceptionally good don’t need to advertise and waste money when the sales are good but sometimes, even the crappiest product can dish out a brilliant advert which will make you go looking for the product because you are in awe of the sheer brilliance of the advert. Here are some such static ads that will definitely make you remember the product.

Need to hit the gym? Well you can certainly start skipping with these shopping bags.Exercise bag

Another instant hit ad that cannot be avoided.Fat people listen up

Have gas? Well you might if you are old, use their product to avoid unwanted gas flow.Get rid of the farts

It would make no sense unless the players sit behind it but the few seconds that you see the ad and the players is enough to give you a good laugh and visit the site to check it out.Hockey players bottom half

Mars doesn’t really need to advertise but a new flavour with such a brilliant execution deserves accolades.MarsMustangs are known for their quarter mile acceleration and what better way to show it rather than just show a cloud of tyre smoke.Mustang power

You will definitely try to get a tube of Formula toothpaste after catching a glimpse of this ad.Really strong teeth

Irrespective of you being a dog person or a cat person, this innovative bus stop will surely leave you wanting to check out the phone.That is one big phone

Irony at its best.What are the odds of hitting a bus with an advert of getting car repair help