#Aftersex selfies

If you think selfies were hot on social networking sites, you’ll love the new trend. It’s #Aftersex selfies or #Aftersexselfies that are the hottest trend on Instagram, a popular and exclusive platform for sharing pictures.

Images with the hashtag #Aftersex have more than 5,500 posts and variations of the hashtag have some more. But if you think these pics are all nude, dirty, sweaty and sexy, let us tell you, they’re not!

Most #Aftersex selfies are weird and some are not pretty at all. The couples are all clothed and hardly look in love. At the same time, there are some #Aftersex pictures which have really cute and romantic photos!

What’s more, some gay lovers have also shared pics unabashedly, while some men and women have posted threesome pictures that look quite fake. Actually, a lot of the #aftersex photos seem fake.

How this trend started, we have no idea. But it’s obviously caught on more than the ‘#couplie’ –as described by Australian singer Kylie Minogue.

However, the #Aftersex selfie trend has not caught on in India, where even discussing sex is still taboo in most parts.

Instagram is doing nothing to stop people from using the #Aftersex hashtag and is cashing in on the trend. But we’re sure they’re censoring naked images. If you want to post those, do that on SnapChat where your pics will disappear into space in a few seconds!

View a gallery of some of the latest #Aftersex photos on Instagram right here!