Photo credit: Amit Modak

As we all know, that thanks to some hilarious jokes dedicated to Alok Nath that were doing the rounds, he became a phenomenon on Twitter. No person in the world has any clue what exactly triggered such a trend because Alok Nath isn’t even on Twitter or any other social networking site for that matter! All the attention from out of no where has got him seriously amused.

Known for playing the fatherly role with a strong inclination for devotion to God on screen, Alok Nath talks about everything sacred and pure. He is so sanskari that he gifts tulsi flowers on Valentine’s Day!

Now that a very western Valentine’s Day approaches us, Alok Nath himself makes an appearance and gives the guys a few pointers on how to score with the women while maintaining sanskriti. The Hindu culture contradicts many of the western world’s ideals, so who better than hamaara Babuji to teach us the way?

To explain how it’s done Babuji gives us his ashirwad before taking the Lou Bega route in the video below: