Amazon India’s much awaited Diwali Dhamaka Week-long sale turned out to be a flop show. The sudden crash of website was a repeat of what happened Flipkart on Billion Day Sale. The Amazon India website crashed as the sale opened at 7 am on Friday and the visitors expecting a better deal, were treated to poor deals and discounts. In short – another bad experience for the people. There were reports of website crashing and Diwali Dhamaka deals not accessible for initial few minutes. The users who did manage to get through, too were not impressed with the discounts and offers.

Amazon had announced that it’ll offer its customers more lucrative deals than its competitors- Flipkart and Snapdeal. There are few user-friendly features added on the website such as creating a wish list and making multiple lists within itself. The biggest test for Amazon India will be its inventory strength during this week long sale.

Unlike the Flipkart Billion Day sale Amazon is going to offer deals for the next six days. The format of the deal is pretty similar to Flipkart with hourly deals from 7 am to 6 pm. Flipkart failed to anticipate the heavy demand and was butt of jokes as deals vanished as soon as they appeared. Snapdeal too joined in and announced its own discounted sales the same day. Friday was no different as Snapdeal ran a full page ad in leading newspapers.

Earlier, Amazon indulged in dirty trick on Monday when Flipkart launched its sale and bought the domain ( named after Flipkart’s mega day offer. As a result the visitors landed on Amazon site looking for Flipkart sale.

Amazon has retouched their inventory and have made it look more appealing but the question remains that will they be able to learn from their mistakes and it will be answered only after the first day of the sale when people try the discounts and depending on quality products being available on the other e-commerce websites unlike Flipkart.

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