Amazon India has been in the news for not the best of reasons this year and the e-commerce website has received another complaint that has gone viral. A man who ordered for the OnePlus 5 from Amazon India alleged that he had received detergent soap bars instead of the mobile phone in his mail. Chirag Dhawan shared pictures of the OnePlus 5 box filled with three bars of Fena detergent and slammed Amazon India for their service. The Facebook post of the Delhi Man’s complaint with the pictures has gone viral. People on the social media are busy making “Fena hi Lena” jokes and also sharing their own experiences of fraudulent deliveries online. This Indian is Responsible for Jeff Bezos’ Slip in World’s Richest Person List? Amazon User’s Hilarious Post is the Best Thing You Will See Today

Chirag Dhawan had ordered for a OnePlus 5 from Amazon on September 7, 2017, and received his package after a wait of three days. however, when he came home and opened the package, he discovered that his OnePlus 5 box did not contain the phone. instead, it was replaced by soap bars and when the young man tried to contact the customer care he failed to receive a satisfactory response. Chirag revealed that the customer care did not provide a complaint no. or any form of confirmation of having received the complaint. Sushant Singh Rajput’s Amazon Account Blocked! Actor Lashes Out on E-Commerce Giant on Twitter.

The OnePlus 5 seller Rocket Kommerce sent three bars of Fena detergent and tried to loot Chirag. As soon as this complaint was shared on Amazon India’s Facebook page, people began to offer expert advice on getting the problem solved. While some suggested contacting Amazon India on twitter (they are more active there) or filing a complaint with the consumer forum and others comforted the angry man and said that he would receive a refund within a week. People began to share similar experiences that they have had in the past and some even spoke about received different soap bars or a completely empty box instead of a phone that they ordered.

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The Facebook post as gained a lot of attention online with 2202 shares in less than 2 days. the comment section of the post is filled with people making jokes about the whole scenario in an effort to defuse the tension. People cannot help but twist the ‘Fena hi Lena’ tagline to make jokes about ‘OnePlus 5 hi Lena.’ There are many logical people who are also questioning the whole issue and pointing fingers at the man who posted this complaint. While we all hope that the truth is unveiled and the problem solved, we cannot deny that this was one terrifying experience.