american hustle main picThe Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle are two of the craziest movies up for the Best Picture Award for the Oscars and they both celebrate individuals who will do anything to get ahead in life. Like The Wolf of Wall Street, this is one insane movie with a little less sex than the former but far more politics. Loosely based on the infamous ABSCAM (Arab Scam) incident where the FBI took help from a conman to trap politicians and managed to cast a web bigger than they intended. Here are some vital lessons we took away from the movie:


Do not get married, especially not to a blonde

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence’s crazy/psychotic blond wife performance sent a chill down our spines. She is just out of control in the movie, simply refusing to listen to reason or logic and will do anything without considering the consequences of her actions. This includes putting metal in a microwave oven despite being told not to, letting the Mafia know that her husband (Christian Bale) is trying to con them and lesbian kissing Amy Adams – the woman her husband is in love with (we’re not complaining though). Her act considered us to never get married, even if said-girl looks like Jennifer Lawrence, no amount of hot sex can be worth that amount of heartburn.

Christian Bale can do anything he wants with his body

Christian BaleNot only does Bale have amazing acting chops, he’s some kind of superhuman who has the ability to sculpt his body exactly the way he wants it. He has undergone some massive transformations over the years – going down to 55kg for The Machinist and a muscular 86kg The Dark Knight.  Perhaps remembering his the days when he had to subside on coffee, water and one apple every day for four months to get stick-thin, he reportedly tore into cheeseburgers to gain weight! Poor Jennifer Lawrence, she wanted to kiss Batman, instead she got Fatman!

 Ambition can mess you up

bradley hotBradley Cooper’s problem in the movie is that he’s way too ambitious and he keeps on trying to catch bigger and bigger fish. Not happy going after a few politicians, he wants to involve the Mafia as well and this enrages Christian Bale who doesn’t want to cross the Cosa Nostra. And his ambition leads to his downfall and subsequent removal from the history books!

Pay attention to detail

The Fake SheikhChristian Bale gets really, really pissed off with Bradley Cooper and the FBI’s handling of things as they fail to grasp the importance of paying attention to detail. So they end up getting a Mexican dude to play an Arab Sheikh who can only mouth a few phrases of Arabic and doesn’t understand the language. This proves to be a major issue when a mobster, who is fluent in Arabic, almost catches the con.

Bradley Cooper is always hot

bradley curlerOk so seriously, it doesn’t matter that the dude wears uses hair curlers, lives with his Mama, is cheating on his fiancée and has chest and facial hair  are thick enough to camp in – Bradley Cooper is always hot. Even a ‘Shut up, we’re here to watch a movie, not listen to your fantasies’ wasn’t enough to silence the ongoing commentary from excited females who just couldn’t get enough of him.

Do not mess with your boss

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper’s raging ambition aside, he is extremely disrespectful of his boss whom he considers a simpleton with absolutely no ambition. He goes on to bash him up for not allowing him to get what he wants and even dry humps him when it appears that his con has worked. Sadly, Cooper’s character ends up with no recognition for his part in scam, so the biggest lesson – do not  under any circumstances screw with your boss!

Robert De Niro makes everything better 

robert de niroAnd American Hustle has one very special guest appearance by the man who has played more legendary mobster characters – Robert De Niro! De Niro has a small cameo as a balding mobster who can speak Arabic and almost destroys the con when he addresses the fake Sheikh in Arabic.

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