Apple said on March 3 that it’s bringing its mobile operating system to automobiles this year with a new CarPlay system that links an iOS device with the vehicle’s in-dash display. Drivers will be able to access their iPhone from the car’s entertainment system. iPhone users can enjoy their driving experience with the incredible synchronization of the device with the car. (Read: Apple facts)

The iOS software in the car will seamlessly integrate your iOS device with the car’s in-dash system. The whole arrangement makes accessing your music, making phone calls, sending and receiving messages way easier! Don’t forget, it will also allow you to use maps for better directions. (Read: Apple offers buyback on MacBooks)

Apple has also confirmed that Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo will demonstrate the new technology at the Geneva Auto Show and it expects other major car manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon.

Apple said CarPlay will be available in certain cars later this year from its three European partners as well as Honda, Hyundai and Jaguar.

CarPlay will require an update to its current iOS 7 operating system and would only work with iPhone 5S, 5C, and 5. The feature can be activated using a push-and-hold button on the steering wheel confirmed Apple. CarPlay will also use Siri, the iPhone’s voice-activated digital assistant, which will respond to requests through voice commands, by reading the drivers’ messages aloud and letting them dictate a reply or make a call.

Apple says that CarPlay is available as an iOS 7 update so it’s safe to say that CarPlay might feature in the iOS 7.1 update which will launch in mid-March.