Apple‘s latest product, iPhone 6‘s release has been confirmed by the tech giant with the launch being declared on September 9, 2014. There is also the possibility of a computerized smart watch by the company will also finds its entry into the market. After the iPad, a smartwatch would mark Apple’s venture into a new product category.

Apple has sent out invites for the event and the occasion has the potential to go in to the pages of history with the late Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs revealing the original Mac computer 30 years ago in the same Silicon Valley. The event has been scheduled at an auditorium about 3 miles from California headquarters with the place holding a capacity to seat 2, 300 people which is usually more than Apple’s launch events.

However, the phone has not managed to create buzz like the previous phones. With Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi providing a lot of features with less that one-fourth of iPhone’s price, it seems that the phone is losing its charm. The last among the iPhone series-iPhone 5 had also not managed to amaze the audience with its only notable feature being an inch longer display screen. Also while Steve Jobs revealed iPhone 4, his presence had garnered a lot of frenzy people, but after that Apple has delivered like earlier.

Gadget experts and lovers are expecting a larger screen size in the new phone just like the previous one. Along with the company acknowledging a high consumer end demand for phones with larger screen size, it is sure that that Apple will truly experiment with a bigger screen size in the newest phone.

Another expected feature of this phone is a shatter proof sapphire crystal glass with oleophobic coating and whooping card memory of 128 GB. A leaked video of the phone showed that the iPhone 6 is powered by Apple’s A8 chip and also has an integrated NFC chip on the system board. It also showcased the front camera on the back side instead of on top of it.

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Technology analysts are expecting that Apple could sell at least 70 million units of iPhone 6 within the first few months of its entry into the market. A “smartwatch” or other wearable technology would mark the company’s first foray into a new product category since the iPad came out. Just like every time, Apple has kept mum on its new phone and has kept everyone guessing about the features of the highly anticipated phone.