The new Apple iPhone is getting a hell lot of new emoji in less than a month. Unicode, the consortium that chooses new emoji across all platforms has approved around 69 new symbols. These new emoji were approved last March and would soon be available on all Apple iPhone devices. As per reports, the new emoji will arrive on iPhones “in late October or early November,” according to Emojipedia. Emojipedia confirmed that the new emoji will be available in MacOS, watchOS, and tvOS as well around the same time. Emojipedia shared a tweet in which they outlined the entire list of emoji that will be released this fall.

Apple had announced last week that the new set of emoji that have been a long time in coming would be arriving with the next iOS update. However, now we know a more definite timeframe and the set of emoji that would be arriving with the widely available iPhones. The people who have downloaded the developer preview of iOS 11 last June would already have access to the new set of emoji. There are a whole set of interesting emoji like a dinosaur, sauna man and woman, bumble bees, a long-awaited Colbert emoji and others. Apple Is Tweeting But People Are Confused Because Its Tweet Can’t Be Seen On Its Account

Check out the full list of emoji here:

The news is definitely making the users happier who were eagerly waiting for the new set of emoji, after all in today’s fast-paced and hectic world an emoji can say a lot more than mere words. After all, isn’t it true that a picture says a thousand words