The monster that is April Fools’ Day has once again come to haunt the innocent like a biblical plague. Though we only have to deal with  once a year (fortunately) this is the day the children run rampant and reign terror on their unsuspecting parents who are forbidden by law from beating the little rascals with sticks (what has society come to?).

As recovering ex- pranksters we are well versed in the art of practical jokes, today we shall reveal the secrets of our former trade (We guess that makes us whistle blowers of sorts and entitles us to a lifetime hiding and permanent residence in Ecuador.)

The pranks we are about to reveal are for personal knowledge only, kindly refrain from using them on your parents, friends or family, (but not your maths teachers) or complete strangers. Some of these pranks are moderately funny, some are downright mean, but most are likely to result in a black eye, being sent to the principal or worse, a lecture on women’s rights if you’re caught. Here are some nasty things that middle level pranksters may use on you or if you’re lucky, someone you love, or if you’re really lucky, someone you hate.

1) Itching powder- If you think dub step is cruel and unnecessary  wait until you hear about itching powder. Itching powder is made of nasty chemicals that cause itching when applied on your skin, much like a cheap sweater. The powder can be placed on the inside of  victims clothes prior to them being worn or thrown on them if the prankster in bigger than the victim. You’ll realise if somebody’s put itching powder on your clothes if you feel itchy to the point you want to tear your skin out. The feeling should hopefully pass in a few minutes, if not immediately contact a doctor, and a lawyer if you’re really malicious.

2) Stink bombs- Stink bombs are the equivalent of chemical weapons to 11 year old. Stink bombs come in several varieties, the most common of which is a yellow liquid which smells noxious (insert urine joke here) and evaporates when poured out of it’s container. The smell is overpowering ( depending on the quality of the liquid) and can last for minutes and even empty a room full of people within minutes (though not as fast as the lunch bell). Stink bombs are freely available, nasty enough for pranksters to get a good laugh but not bad enough to get them in serious trouble, which is why it is the weapon of choice in several arsenals. Human beings are God’s stink bombs.

3) Magic ink- This is ink which the prankster throws on the victim causing the victim’s clothes to be stained with ink. When the infuriated victim confronts the prankster and gives him a piece of their mind, the prankster then humorously points at the victims clothes and claims there is no stain, the victim looks down and sees that the stain has disappeared. This, though an extremely annoying, childish joke is extremely harmless unless of course the victim doesn’t look down and beats the hell out of the prankster.

Note: We at India.com take no responsibility if your little brat pulls a prank on a fat hag who can’t have a joke.