April Fool's day: Take on the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge!

Google is a company that works hard and plays harder and given its reputation, it is not possible that they will miss the chance to joke around and pull pranks on the is glorious April Fool’s Day.

But this time, Google Maps have taken it to a whole new level. They didn’t just release a fake video or something, they came up with an app called Pokemon Challenge. Okay, before you jump to conclusions that it is stupid, let us tell you that at the end of the video you will kind of want to believe in the Pokemon world.

Google Maps had made spotting Pokemon cooler than ever. If you thought Ash was cool, now you can be him! All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone and start locating the Pokemons in your nearest area (remember, every Pokemon is important).

Well, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Spotting the Pokemons will take a lot of effort and guts like climbing a mountain to spot Charizad or spotting an attacking Bulbasaur! You have to catch all these wild and untamed Pokemons on your iPhone or Android phones. (Sadly, Microsoft Windows users can’t participate in this challenge.)

But all this comes at a cost, as this challenge might drive you crazy for excitement or you will feel like you have achieved something really great. We advise you not to take up this Google challenge in public, as people might think that you are extremely weird and crazy. But once you take this challenge up, you stand a chance to win and you can become Google’s Pokemon Master!

Take a look at the Google April Fools’ Day video yourself to know more: