Remember Rebecca Black’s Friday or the awesome Harlem Shake that made the whole world dance ridiculously? YouTube Spotlight has finally admitted that they are behind all those behind those much popular YouTube memes and they are ones to spread the those. From the Gangnam style to planking, YouTube has written, directed all these simply hilarious memes.

They came out with a video that states new trends for 2014. The video will show you what all memes and trends you can expect to go viral in the coming time. What makes this interesting that you can submit your own trend with the hashtag #newtrends. So, if you have a super idea that people won’t stop talking about, then you can tweet it to YouTube using the hashtag, and guess what! If they like it then your trend can be a YouTube trend.

The video features memes like Clocking, Kissing My Dad, Glub Glub Water Dance song and many more hilarious memes! Though, obviously this is a gag in honor of April Fool‘s day, the video is surely fun to watch. Although, we won’t deny that we secretly hope the ‘Clocking’ trend goes viral because it looks pretty cool!

If you don’t believe us, watch the video yourself here!