The unrealistic thin Barbie has been dominating the market since a long time. The ridiculously thin model has been twisting and turning with many young minds. A lot has been said and debated about the fact that that playing with unrealistically-proportioned Barbies affects young girls. Since at present there are more and more girls who are obsessed with the doll and they strive hard trying to look like the plastic doll and maintaining a Barbie appearance. After years of waiting something a revolutionary change is here now!

Nickolay Lamm has now come up with a creation based on the real size proportion of an average 19 year old girl. Nickolay Lamm is a Pittsburgh-based artist .The brand new doll is named Lammily doll. The creator designed the doll so as to project a more healthy and accurate proportionate toy. And rather than waiting for toy companies like Mattel he himself launched a campaign to manufacture it.

The doll reflects a typical body that you can see of a teenager rather than exaggerated unrealistic proportionate toy. The doll flaunts minimal makeup and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The creator has put in additional efforts for the advanced technology doll so she can move her wrists, knees, elbows and feet unlike the Barbie.

And the power packed tagline is ‘Average is beautiful’, which is cool enough to let the average Lammily kickass!

One of the Barbie’s creator had defended saying if Barbie was made to be look real her clothes wouldn’t fit her. But Lammily’s does perfectly because it is obvious that real size proportions are needed to fit into real sized clothes.

“I feel like there’s a very good chance that those types of dolls affect young girls,” Lamm said. “If there’s a very good chance like that, and if the average sized doll can actually look good, like Lammily does, let’s make it then. If there’s even a 10% chance that those dolls affect [body image], let’s make it.”

“The key to differentiate is that my doll is a cool-looking doll that just happens to be average,” he says. “Very few kids are concerned about body image like parents are. It would be like me trying to feed them broccoli.” he added.

Don’t confuse ‘Average is beautiful’ with steeling for mediocrity but rather it gives another reason to be self sufficient and confident in realistic looks and not plastic ones.