Yes! That Pakistani chaiwala we all so love has his own music video now! A rap song that goes ‘Chai wala, chai wala, jiska khule kismat ka taala‘ – this so true to what happened with him in real life, too! A female photographer, Jiah Ali, took his pictures and published them on her Instagram page, and the Pakistani chaiwala became an Internet sensation overnight. Girls all over and especially from the Indian subcontinent swooned over his looks and his dreamy blue eyes. The new music video by singer Sid Mr Rapper and DJ Danny, featuring the Pakistani chaiwala (Arshad Khan) shows just that – a bunch of guys, who are the singers and their friends, mistake some girls who keep visiting the chaiwala as being interested in them. Well, no prizes for guessing why the girls frequent the chai station! To drool at and take selfies with the chaiwala, of course!

And wow, the now famous Pakistani chaiwala sure is learning the swag and how to run his hands through his hair in front of the chicks. He has also begun work as a model and his pictures can be seen on the website of a brand he shoots for. Talk about the rags to riches story, his is definitely one we are not going to forget for a long time. The Pakistani chaiwala has a lot of brothers and sisters, he had revealed in an interview, and does not know why he is getting so much attention. He is still the same humble man and we hope he remains rooted and very desi!

The music video Chai Wala is fun and the song is in the Yo Yo Honey Singh-Badshah mode, so Indians will enjoy it. In fact, the Chai Wala song dedicated to the Pakistani chaiwala is rather catchy! And the lyrics that go, “Tu ban gaya re Shah Rukh Khan, tujhse jalta Salman Khan” will make you laugh. ALSO SEE: Hot Pakistani chaiwala Arshad Khan gets meaty modelling offer, begins work: Check out his pictures!

Go on, watch the video and drool, and hum along Chai Wala, Chai Wala!

Pakistani chaiwala 2

We love him, don’t we? ALSO READ: Fawad Khan birthday: 4 reasons Indians want this Pakistani chocolate boy back in Bollywood!