India was taken by surprise when Prime Minister Narendra Modi put an end to the VIP system and banned the red beacon used by various inidan politicians. Members of Parliements, Union Ministers and other politicians were taken aback by this sudden change and some of them reacted in the most bizarre way. One such person was Babul Supriyo, Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises. Babul Supriyo shared a video where the MP was seen doing dangerous stunts like standing and riding his bullet while wearing a half helmet. This stunt video angered Twitterati who unleashed on the MP and Union minister and scolded him for the dangerous biking. Babul Supriyo realises he shared wrong pics of Rajkot Bus Stand: BJP Minister gets trolled and admits he was foxed by fake forwards.

The Member of Parliament, who began his political career under the Narendra Modi government in 2014, shared a video where he was riding on his Bullet wearing a half helmet. The minister went on to stand on the bike and made an incredible pun while sharing the video on Twitter. “Wid my Car free frm LaalBatti, I ‘stand’ liberated on my BULLET 2 NO VIPCULTURE•Yeh Dosti (wid #SimplePleasures of Life)Hum Nehi Chhodenge,” the minister captioned the video.Little did he know that his irresponsible bike stunts would upset and anger Twitterati. Babul was seen standing on the bike and switching lanes without using the indicator. This made Twitter users very angry and people could not stop from commenting on this reckless act and how it may influence the younger generation in the wrong way.

Babul Supriyo was instantly trolled for this daredevil stunt and was questioned by netizens. Supriyo was on his way for a rally with Vijay Goel in Ajmeri Gate. At the rally Vijay Goel was seen standing behind the bike while Supriyo rode the bike still donning the half helmet. Twitterati went ablaze against the singer turned politician but the Indian MP seemed proud of his achievements. He went on to reply to some people who were concerned about the incident and how it would impact the younger generation. Supriyo dismissed any accusations of promoting dangerous stunts and said that the young people have all the inspiration they need in Hollywood movies. He also defended himself by saying that it was merely a simple trick. but he clarified that this should “not be tried at home”. 

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Babul Supriyo was recently bashed for sharing pictures of the ‘inauguration’ of the Rajkot bus terminals which is still being built. The minister, who became the victim of viral WhatsApp forwards has been giving various reasons for people to question him and this latest video adds to the list. While PM Modi announced the ban on red beacon as an effort to make the roads easier to access for everyone and to end the VIP culture, this reckless stunt by Babul Supriyo only adds a new tension for people. Here is hoping that the minister has learnt his lesson and leaves the stunts for the movies.