Motherhood is a beautiful and divine journey and carrying a child in your womb for the nine months anticipating her birth is one of the most grueling as well as gratifying time but what happens when your child is not born normal. The fact that anything could go wrong during pregnancy and during the time of birth is one of the most worrisome aspects of becoming a parent. A mother posted such a heartbreaking picture of her brave daughter and her story on Facebook moments after she was born to raise awareness about Gastroschisis. Gastroschisis is a birth defect that affects the abdominal wall. The baby girl was born with her intestines outside her body but was saved by the doctors who wrapped the child in clingfilm to keep her warm and save her from infections.

Chloe Walters shared the story of her daughter Ava-Rose Nightingale, who was born with her intestines outside of her tiny little body. Doctors wrapped a clingfilm around the baby to keep her warm and protect her from infections. Chloe Walter’s shared a Facebook post where she talks about gastroschisis and how during her regular checkups she was told that the baby is suffering from it. Her doctor told her that there was a chance of her going into labour anytime from 32 weeks as this was common with babies having this defect, and a chance of delivering a stillborn becomes higher at 39 weeks 4 days. Mother Shares Amazing Photo of Self-Delivered Baby With His Amniotic Sac on Car Seat

Doctors at Cardiff Health Hospital, UK, saved the little Ava-Rose Nightingale by performing a three-hour-long surgery only an hour after she was born. She was put on oxygen and was fed intravenously through her head. Gastroschisis affects 1 in 3000 babies and its cause is not known yet. It plagues boys more than girls and occurs to mothers under the age of 20 years. Ava-Rose Nightingale is healthy now and came home after spending 7 weeks in the hospital. Chicago News Anchor Body Shamed For Baby Bump, Gives Fitting Reply To Detractors

Gastroschisis occurs when an opening forms in the abdominal wall allowing the internal organs and bowels to gush out, the baby’s bowels form outside of the body in the amniotic fluid. Usually, the opening is on the right side of the abdomen and is 1-2 inches in size. However, sometimes stomach or liver can develop outside if they make their way out of the hole. Since the bowel is outside of the baby’s body it has higher chances of getting swollen, infected or damaged since there is no protection. This condition is rare but the cases have increased over the years. However, no reason is yet known why it occurs and it does not appear to be a hereditary disorder. Having one baby suffering from gastroschisis does not make one prone to the disorder and the second baby does not have any risk whatsoever.