Being a baby is not an easy job, neither for the baby nor for the caretaker. From eating to pooping and everything in between, babies and people around them are sure to get tired. While we love our babies than the smell of coffee in the morning, taking care of a munchkin is not an easy task. The process is not only tiring but it can make sure that you do not have a life outside the home. So if you think your baby needs some more relaxation time then you should visit the Baby Spa. The only sad part about this spa is that it is currently there only in Perth in Australia. Looking at the pictures we can confirm that it is a bliss for newborns. From relaxing in the pool to body massages, babies at this spa look happy like never before. Two Indians opened Baby Spa Perth 11 months ago and has been attracting a lot of customers. Anita Yap and her sister Kavita Kumar together started the business.

Not only do babies have a great time at the spa but also result in some health benefits, some of which include improved sleep, promotes muscle growth, increased lung capacity, relieving the wind and digestive discomfort. The spa offers hydrotherapy and infant massage for 45 minutes at 85 dollars. The spa offers these therapies to babies from six days old to six months. As the business started immediately after Anita’s son was born, she could treat her son also during the sessions. While some parents have not been sure about the flotation devices, Anita told Huffington Post that it won’t harm the baby. The ‘BUBBY’ devices support the back of the neck and let the chin rest forward making the baby feel relaxed. Babies with eyebrows: These 13 adorable babies with funky eyebrows will make you go aww! (See pictures)

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The Perth spa is part of a franchise which started in South Africa. It gained popularity after it started in Perth. Some babies also fall asleep while at the spa. Isn’t it very cute?