American actor Brie Larson’s upcoming movie Basmati Blues have come under criticisms for being packed with criticisms about India. Everything from a goat kicking a foreigner at a railway station to people talking in poor English, the movie has been lambasted on social media for portraying rural India the way it is. Basmati Blues is due to release on November 24 and is already being scrutinised by the social media for its content. In the movie, Brie Larson plays an American scientist who works for a company that produces genetically modified rice.

Coldplay's Hymn for the Weekend: Forget the video, the song is bigger pain

Coldplay's Hymn for the Weekend: Forget the video, the song is bigger pain

Larson is then sent to India to convince farmers to buy this rice but she realises that the scenario is different and decides to fight against the corporation. The foreigner suddenly becomes the saviour of the farmers and helps them get their rights. She also falls in love with a local and decided to tie the knot with him. Basmati Blues has also been ridiculed for narrating the story from a white saviour’s perspective who comes all the way to save poor Indians. A scene from the movie where Larson’s character looks into a microscope in a moving train in India further raged social media users.

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Exactly, what did you guys think?

Maybe a little research could have helped

Spicy food, poverty and walking barefoot on roads are other stereotypes in the movie.

Do we, really? Where?

After the trailer received criticisms, the movie’s director Dan Baron and producer, Monique Caulfield said, “This movie is not about an American going abroad to solve India’s problems. At its heart, this film is about two people who reach across cultures, fight against corporate greed, and find love.” Although Basmati Blues began production in 2013 it was delayed by four years. Brie Larson is an Oscar-winning actress and will be next seen in Captain Marvel. Earlier this year, the popular band Coldplay came under heavy criticisms for similarly stereotyping India in their song video ‘Hymn For The Weekend’.