Women in India still battle for equality justice and respect! Patriarchy is probably the longest living ideology. Isn’t the society strange? Children are not considered as children rather they are differentiated and since childhood molded into being a boy and a girl.

This video talks about the dual standards that are being bombarded on women and they are expected to behave in a stereotypical way. Society has made up its own rules which are illogical barbaric and ancient and which are only applicable to girls!

They are dissecting each and every aspect of harassment of women. They nudge you to fight your fears, fight yourself, and then with the society to eradicate the ideology of patriarchy from the roots. Don’t ask for your right fight for it!

This powerful video of women speaking up, shows that women today are indeed liberated and are vocal about what they want.

She is strong, She is trying & finally “She” is speaking up! Watch the video below.