You must have known Shyra Gill by now; Paris’ best tourist guide and an Indian at that! Yes, that’s the role we will see actress Vaani Kapoor essay in the much-awaited Aditya Chopra directorial, Befikre. Her character is that of a professional tour guide born and brought up in France who then meets Dharam (played by Ranveer Singh), and then their Befikre love story takes off. The buzz around the movie is only getting bigger, what with numerous ‘kiss’ posters and songs from the movie out even as the release date of December 9 nears. Giving a glimpse into her role as a tourist guide, Vaani Kapoor shares a video highlighting 7 funny (read: annoying) things Indians do when visiting Paris!

1. Carrying calculators (if not literally)

Vaani Kapoor in Befikre 1

Currency conversion and calculation is the most important task when an Indian is visiting abroad. Vaani Kapoor highlights the woes of Indian tourists when asked to pay in foreign currency, be it Euros or dollars. Because converting everything into rupees takes time, bro! From paying for the taxi ride to buying a souvenir, Indians ensure to keep the calculator handy.

2. Barring one word of French, conversing in English

Vaani Kapoor in Befikre 9

Indians’ love for the French word Bonjour is unmatched. After all, we do not want to appear an outsider in Paris. But Bonjour is probably all the French we know! Post greeting a Parisian with it, we move on to speaking in English or at least find someone who can help us explain what is happening around! Vaani Kapoor looks super cute, as a visiting Indian struggling with the language.

3. Confusing pronunciations

Vaani Kapoor in Befikre 8

French is said to be a beautiful language, and it sounds like music but you have no clue what is being spoken. The difference in pronunciation between English and French is unmissable. Well, pronouncing all French E’s like in ‘café’ is not helpful, plus there are more difficult words.

4. Overdose of Selfies

Vaani Kapoor in Befikre 5

Everyone around the globe loves to take a selfie but we Indians just go a step ahead. From clicking pictures with random people on the streets to buildings or cars, the selfie craze among Indians is on some other level. It is not every day that you visit Paris, you see!

5. Loud phone conversations with relatives back home

Vaani Kapoor in Befikre 7

We are famous for being loud and boisterous, especially when talking to friends and family. So if they are not accompanying us on a trip to Paris or anywhere abroad, including our mother, father, brother, sister, extended family, friends and pet on our solo trip with the help of technology is a must! We pour out everything to them via our phone and video calls to them! Vaani as Shyra the tour guide in Befikre depicts similar (over)enthusiasm of an Indian visitor with a desi heart in this video.

6. Clichéd poses at landmark monuments

Vaani Kapoor in Befikre 6

Our obsession with trying to catch the tip of famous monuments is what differentiates an Indian visitor from others! The cliché poses while taking photographs in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower or any other landmark building is a must.

7. Obsession over getting customised Indian food

Vaani Kapoor in Befikre 2

Be it Paris or whichever part of the world we might visit, an Indian cannot forgo traditional Indian cuisine, and especially if you are vegetarian! Shyra from Befikre demonstrates how an Indian visitor ensures to make their food taste Indian. The love for spicy food makes them always ask for extra sauce, spices, chilli flakes and other toppings, and just about everything in the kitchen! While one travels abroad to experience a different culture and food, Indians are well known for sticking to their taste and habits.

Well, this was Vaani Kapoor aka Shyra’s funny observation of Indians visiting Paris, a place the movie Befikre is based in! Do you know of any other annoying habits of Indians abroad? Do share with us!