Indian advertising has always been a mixed bag of intelligent ads which appeal to the audiences and also the uber idiotic ones which might make you laugh once or twice but is a real waste of time. Taking a look at the most effective advertisements, we can glance back at many adverts that we still remember and associate with the product.
Sometimes the advertisement is so good and memorable that the product is forgotten or becomes secondary. This may be absolutely the opposite of the intention of making and bombarding us with ads but you remember the ad and are curious to recollect what the ad was about so it does end up working for you even if the product is not a regularly bought item.
Greenply made one such memorable advertisement with a Punjabi family touring South India.  Their son suddenly starts talking a language absolutely not taught to him, calling out for Savitri when he remembers the black and white days of his past life when he etched the name of the love of his life on a table which remains even today.

Check out the ad to refresh your memory.