Nature is a master of deception, the rule of thumb in the natural world is if it’s pretty, it can kill you, possibly before you can shout oops. The bright colours on many of these dangerous animals creatures are a warning that they are extremely poisonous and venomous and ideally should be left alone, except if we don’t like you in which case you should definitely go touch them. Here are some nasty yet extremely captivating creatures that can kill you if you mess with them (your ex girlfriend has been excluded for legal purposes):

1) The Poison Dart frog

These are a group of colourful, highly toxic frogs. They’re found in South and Central America. The indigenous population use these frogs to make their hunting darts poisonous, hence their name. The frog’s poison is potent enough to kill ten men (much like your ex girlfriend). These frogs come in various colours from green, blue, red and yellow. Warning: If you’re a Disney princess we strongly urge you not to kiss a poison dart frog.

2) The Tiger

Tigers are gorgeous. Who wouldn’t fall for that majestic face and those deep yellow eyes? Tigers have an array of weapons to dispatch you with, sharp claws, sharper teeth and their huge muscular bodies. Tigers kill many people every year especially in India, ironically where they are the national animal and considered sacred, Bad kitty.

3) The Box Jellyfish

The box jellyfish is beautiful and doesn’t have a brain, they’re basically the bimbos of the sea. It’s pretty to look at but it’s tentacles have millions of stinging cells that can penetrate your skin and kill you. Not bad for something that’s mostly water and almost transparent.

4) The Swan

Such grace, such elegance. The swan is the vicious and will attack people without provocation. It has a powerful bite and isn’t afraid to use it if you get too close. Being attacked by an angry swan isn’t as funny as it sounds.