Birthday Bumps: Akon's Top 7 Hit songs

Akon‘s pathway to fame rose quickly when his first hit single ‘Locked up’ hit the music charts in 2004. Since, then he is known for his nasal yet distinctive voice. He gave series of hits after his first hit and became a worldwide famous artist. Akon has been nominated for five Grammy Awards and here are his best songs


He rose to fame with this track. Mr. Lonely was a blockbuster hit and almost everyone and anyone who was broken-hearted loved this track. It is rumored that Akon wrote this track when he was serving his time behind the bars.

2) Smack That

This song featuring the much loved rapper Eminem, became a huge hit! The song was catchy and at that time it was everyone’s ringtone or callerback tone! Smack That sat comfortably on the Billboard Hot 100’s number 2 position for five weeks.

3)I wanna love you

When this song hit the radio, every couple regarded it as ‘their’ song. This number featuring the biggie Snoop Dogg, was a massive hit! However, a closer listen to the I Wanna Love You lyrics reveals that when Akon wrote this hit song, he probably had less wedding cake than, say, wedding night on the brain. The song was about a one night stand rather that ‘Happily married ever after’.

4) Sorry, Blame it on me

In this song, Akon expresses contrition for some of his behavior while touring with Gwen Stefani. While touring, at a club in Trinidad And Tobago, he had danced very suggestively on stage with a 15-year-old girl. Much of the song is addressed to his family, who he laments not spending enough time with.

5) Right Now (Na Na Na)

This song comes in the legendary ‘Na Na Na’s’ of the music industry! This single from his third album ‘Freedom’ is about Akon is wanting to make up with his lady, whose heart he broke.This track, has an electronic European club feel about it.

6)Don’t Matter

This track  is a reggae fusion–R&B song from his second album Konvicted. The influence of R. Kelly and Bob Marley on Akon are apparent on this track, which finds Akon singing about how he is devoted to his girl despite opposition from those around them

7) Sexy Bitch

When this song hit the charts, in no time it was the party anthem. Sexy Bitch, featuring famous French DJ David Guetta peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100. The video features Guetta and Akon having fun at house party.