Pankaj Kapur was born on 29 May 1954.He is an Indian theater artist, television and film actor. He is a 3 time National Award winner. He is one of the actors who is referred to as ‘Walking Acting Schools Of India’. On his birthday we share with you Pankaj Kapur in conversation with Bombay Talkies, NDTV.

Pankaj Kapur belongs to the league of actors whom we refer to as one of the finest actors of Indian cinema. Here Pankaj Kapur talks to NDTV about why the actor prefers to do less work and how he chooses his roles in films and television. Even though he the finest actors he is still not getting his due and in spite of this he doesn’t crib or blame his destiny and accepts it graciously. He is so down to earth that for a moment you will forget that he is a big screen Bollywood actor who rubs his shoulder with the mega Bollywood contemporaries!

His trajectory of career is very different from others, watch this video to know more about the actor’s journey.