Elizabeth Stamantina who is better known as Tina Fey was born on May 18, 1970. She is an accomplished actress, comedian, writer and producer. She is mostly known for her hilarious sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live (SNL) and also the much celebrated NBC comedy series 30 Rock.

30 Rock, the American satirical television sitcom ran on NBC from October 11, 2006, to January 31, 2013, and was created by Tina Fey. The whole plot revolved loosely around what all Tina experienced as a head writer for SNL. And the series was a runaway success.

Over the course of time, the series was nominated for 112 Emmy awards and won 16, in addition to numerous other nominations and wins on other award functions. On her birthday we share with you some of the best moments of Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey). The video is a compilation of Liz Lemon’s best moments on 30 Rock according to WGN America’s super fans!

Check out the video below.