Born on January 7, 1979 the Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu turns 35 today and it has been quite a cheerful year for her. Her ex-beau John Abraham recently tied the knot and she should be glad that she dodged the abs bullet there. Look at Hrithik-Sussane, no good can come from marrying a man who’s so self-obsessed with his abs. Anyway, while Ms Basu has been part of some great movies she has done some crappy ones along the way as well, which is surprising considering bongs are believed to be smart. Here is her hall of shame:


playersA remake of The Italian Job, the movie was a travesty which insulted Bollywood cinema. With twist after twist that defied belief, Bipasha had played this role many times before in other Abbas-Mustaan flicks like Race and Ajnabee. Hollywood studios would do better to do some background checks before handing out remake licenses.

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadhi HaiA direct rip-off of My Best Friend’s Wedding, the movie finds Bipasha living with Uday Chopra’s character (we hope in a platonic relationship) who then goes on a spree to break-up his childhood sweetheart’s marriage. Poor Bipasha, she even ended up with Uday Chopra in Dhoom 2 as well.


barsaatAnother movie with a filmi khandaan’s scion saw her hopelessly in love with Bobby Deol! Yes Bobby-I-can’t-ever-give-a-hit Deol! The movie had some bizarre songs with a drenched Bipasha and a pre-exotic but still hot Priyanka Chopra which left the rest of males in the country wondering why life was so unfair.

Chor Maachaye Shor

Chor Maachaye ShorBipasha wasn’t done with remakes (Chor Maachaye Shor is a remake of The Blue Streak which is remake of The Big Job) or young Bobby as she returned in another disaster. Bobby Deol actually plays a double role in the movie (yes as if one wasn’t good enough) and the audience wondered exactly why David Dhawan was doing this to them.


rudrakshThere are bad movies, truly bad movies, garbage on the street and then there is Rudraksh. Even film critic Taran Adarsh, the man who is incapable of writing a bad review was actually critical of the movie, so bad was this modern retelling of Ramayana. Sanjay Dutt is a modern version of Ram while Sunil Shetty is Ravan. Ms Basu plays an Indian-American paranormal researcher at the University of California who travels the world searching for voodoo and other such stuff – you actually can’t make this shit up!