Blab: A new app that lets you send video messages instantly!

Social network, ‘Bebo’ has been rumoured to make an imminent comeback. And now, after nearly a year of suggesting this, it is finally on the road to a new beginning. They have decided to release a set of three apps this year, to give the networking firm a much-needed restart.

And now, the revival has just been given a boost with the launch of the first of these three: a new video messaging app! The free service is called Blab, and is available in Apple’s app store.

Blab works by enabling a user to record and send a video to anyone he/she wishes to. The video goes to the friend irrespective of whether they have the app or not.

The app description in the store states: ‘Blab is the fun app that lets you send quick video messages to your friends and family! It’s free to Blab anyone, anywhere in the world.’

Bebo was originally a widely popular social network in the UK. It was created in 2005 and ascended to historical proportions in just three years, before the site was bought over by the company AOL.

Eventually, rival networking giants like Facebook and Twitter entered the scene. Besides this factor, Bebo was reportedly filled with cases of bullying, which caused negative publicity. This led to the number of Bebo users decreasing steadily, and eventually the site was completely taken down. However, the company was saved from complete death when its founder, Michael Birch, bought it back a year ago. He then posted a video after doing so, which depicted the aim of the company to start over.  The company promised the erstwhile users that the site would be refreshed and put back up, which is exactly what is to happen, through Blab. The first report about this new app made its way to the public in February this year.

So how exactly does a person use Bebo’s new app, Blab? Well, it’s simple. After you download the app, it connects with the contacts on your phone. To send a Blab, just select a contact first. Then hold the screen to record the video message, and release it to send.

If the recipient of the video also has Blab, they will receive a notification on it. If they do not, they receive the video in a text message. This contains a link that opens the video in a browser window.

If you want to record your message again, or change who the video is to be sent to, then you can simply shake your phone and the clip will be destroyed. Also, unlike other video software and apps that have a time limit, Blab does not enforce one.

So, what about privacy concerns? Well, Blab works in a similar manner as private photo sharing app, Snapchat, where it allows users to only watch the last video they were sent. As soon as a user receives a new video, the old one is destroyed. Additionally, Blab assures users that all the posts and data they send is safe. It will be made accessible to them as soon as the Blab website would go live.

The Blab app is still facing massive competition from the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Viber. But it is a potentially addictive app that is personalized at the same time. So go get it!