If you find drying yourself with a towel is quite a hassle after taking a shower, this new invention will come to your rescue to make the chore seem effortless. This new video introduces to you the all new product ‘Body Dryer’.

This innovatively designed product will eliminate your need for towels after a bath. The Body Dryer resembles a weighing scale and, in fact, doubles up as one. All you need to do is step onto the device once you get out of the shower. And then you will be wicked off of the moisture on your body without a single drop of water remaining! Ain’t that cool?

“The Body Dryer team came together to really tackle the problem of bacteria growing on towels. We realized that there are so many germs, so many bacteria that we’re reusing and putting back onto our bodies after we’ve cleaned ourselves from showers or even coming out of the pool,” says Tyler Overk from the Body Dryer team.

You can check your weight and also dry yourself the same time. The team is looking to raise an amount of US$50,000 to put their innovative product into production .And once the goal is reached the final product will be available for about US$250. Watch the video below to know how the product works.