A 1-year-old boy in Florida died on Saturday after he was trapped for two hours inside a BMW. The toddler was stuck inside a car parked outside his family home. Police in Delray Beach identified the boy as Khayden Saint Saveur. The boy died a month before his second birthday. The incident happened in the Rainberry Woods section of Delray Beach which lies 50 miles north of Miami. The police arrived at the place at 3:20 pm on Saturday to see Khayden lying unconscious inside the car. As the front doors of the BMW were unlocked the officers could open it and get the child out of it. Khayden was immediately rushed to Bethesda Memorial Hospital he was declared dead soon.

Khayden who was playing with family members might have been in the car for two hours, said the police. The boy’s uncle Carly Saint Saveur told the Sun-Sentinel that the BMW belongs to the boy’s father Action Saint Saveur. The car was in the driveway with a dead battery. There was one adult at home when the incident happened however it is unclear how the child got inside the car. It is believed that he got through the front door. Police said that a car parked in South Florida’s July heat can reach 150 degrees in minutes. 9-month-old girl’s ring finger severed as staff shuts door at Gurgaon day care centre; mother writes painful account on Facebook

Family and neighbors were quite fond of the child and remember him as an active child. The case is being investigated to find evidence to what really happened. The temperature in Delray Beach on Saturday had reached 90 degrees during the daytime. The boy uncle said that that the boy’s father is the worst affected by the tragedy. He said his brother”is not feeling well at all”, He said, “I’m scared for him.”