Prisoners in a Brazilian prison tried their hand at escaping but were caught red-handed when one of them got stuck in the hole that they had made in the ceiling for their planned escape. The prisoner got stuck dangling from the ceiling and was quickly nabbed by the jail authorities. The incident happened at the Casa de Custodia in Teresina in the north-eastern state of Piaui in Brazil. The inmates had made a hole in the concrete ceiling and planned to escape that way but were caught in the act by the police and prison officers. A funny picture was also snapped by the officers where a jailbird’s legs can be seen dangling from the ceiling as he tried desperately to go through the hole. Brazil had a grievous problem of overcrowding in the prisons which often results in frequent bids of a breakout.

As reported by Daily Mail, Legal Adviser of the Union of Penitentiary Agents of Piaui Vilobaldo Carvalho said that the prison was overcrowded and that was the reason that it suffered frequent breakout attempts. He said, “Currently the House of Custody has 336 places and has 1,036 inmates, that is, 700 more than its capacity, basically triple.” The convicts who were trying to escape had covered the escape hole and were isolated in another section of the prison.

This was the third attempted prison escape in less than a week in Teresina. Two previous prison break attempts were stopped in Irmaos Guido prison which is located in the southern part of the city. Local prison boss Daniel Oliveira reportedly said, “We are taking preventive action to prevent prisoners from causing disturbances. The prompt action of the custody team within our security planning was instrumental in stopping the attempted escape.”