Cheese has been one of the most loved processed items that directly reaches the heart of millions all over the world. When it comes to fast food with processed cheese, burgers, Pizzas are all left behind by the delicious pack of mac and cheese. Mac and cheese have been one of the easy to cook and yummy to eat delicacies, but reports suggest that it might be a curse more than a blessing. According to latest reports, Mac and Cheese powder have tested positive for toxic Phthalate, which are said to be gender altering chemicals. This shocking revelation has made us question if our favourite snacks are actually safe to consume! Chocolate, French Fries, Cheese: Top 5 highly addictive food products we have been eating for a long time now!

The toxic chemical additives found in plastic and products like ink, coatings and adhesives and according to reports this toxic chemical winds up in high-fat and highly processed foods. The phthalate-contaminated products have long term health effects and are also linked with obesity, metabolic disorders and have gender altering chemicals which also affect the fertility rate and lead to defects in children. French Fries lovers beware: This fast food is not just unhealthy but eating it might kill you too!

The report was collated by Coalition for Safer Food Processing & Packaging who sent more than 30 different cheese products and most of them contained small amounts of this toxic chemical. While makers of these processed food claim that the product absolutely safe, phthalate are actually so toxic that they have been banned from children’s toys and products. The exact effects of being exposed to low levels of this toxin have altered lab animals’ reproductive systems and had gender bending effects.

The report which is available online says that “Cheese powder generally had higher levels of phthalate than cheese slices.” Phthalate can travel through the bloodstream to critical organs, once inside the body and there is strong evidence that it blocks the production of testosterone as well. The report has not yet been published in any peer reviewed journal, but the report on NRDC highlights all the threats of consuming this toxic chemical, even if it is in small amounts. The test was conducted on a small sample size. However, the researchers are sure that the presence of phthalate will be found in most of the processed cheese powder based products.