Ever wondered how those online websites offer you amazing discounts on gadgets? Well it could be because the products aren’t genuine of the sellers are authorized retailers. So before you pick up that next mobile phone or camera on your favorite e-retailer? Make sure to check if the website is an authorized reseller for the product with the manufacturer.

Many companies have recently released cautionary warnings to the public, stating that Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon amongst others are not authorized resellers and products purchased on these websites may not be considered under their warranty schemes.

The latest to do so has been Lenovo, the Chinese computer manufacturer that in an advisory on its website posted last week stated, “E-commerce websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal and AmazonIndia are not authorised Lenovo resellers. We encourage you to check your warranty entitlements when you buy from these websites.” Lenovo has added a list of authorized stores selling Lenovo products.

In a comment to PTI, SudhinMathur a Director at Lenovo India said, “What we have noticed in the past few months is that some of these sites, and largely due to a marketplace kind of a set up, there are a lot of resellers that have cropped up, which are selling at very low predatory prices. These we believe may or may not be an authorized or genuine products”.

In recent times, online retailers have tried all sorts of gimmicks to attract customers, including pricing gadgets much below their offline counterparts, which has attracted the ire of many retailers.