Since the rise of social media and photo sharing sites, every day brings with it some crazy trends. While most trends die out in 24 hours, there are some trends, like that on photo sharing Instagram, Snapchat and some others that last for months together and maybe even years. The latest such trend on Instagram is called #cheekyexploits. It is nothing but people shedding their inhibitions (and clothes) and showing off their bare butt!

Believe it or not, the Instagram page Cheeky Exploits goes with the tagline, “Making the world happier through butts. ‘Spread the love!'” The page has daily updates of men and women captured with nude or without their pants, showing off their (clean), sexy butts. Understandably, the trend is a rage (not in India, of course, considering how touchy we are about nudity in any other form than the ancient and the so-called artistic.). Take a look at some of these pictures! *ADULTS ONLY*.

Shoreditch Butts

Sunset Butts

Silhouette Butt

Cliff Edge Butt

Durdle Door Butts

Flower Cliff Butt

Slope Butt

Window Butt

Rock Butt

Window Butt (Man)

Palm Tree Butt

If you really have the guts to do this, go ahead – remove your pants and show off your butt in beautiful places!