From Rishi Kapoor singing “Main shaayar to nahin, magar ai hanseen jab se dekha, main ne tujh ko, mujh ko, Shaayari aa gai” for Dimple Kapadia to some random guy saying, “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” there is one thing common – the use of pickup lines. One question to that person who first came up with this idea of using a pickup line – What were you thinking? These pickup lines that were meant to woo the loved ones instead very successfully drive them away.

But had these pickup lines not been present, how dry and lifeless our movies would have been and in general our so called social lives. So few days back Twitterati found new trending topic #DesiPickupLines and posted some really corny, cheesy yet hilarious posts. Yes read some of them are highly creative and might just amuse you. Let me start with one of the many coming, “Are you Afridi, because you make heart go BOOM, BOOM?” Enjoy!