Childhood is one of the best phases of anyone’s life and we should ensure that our children enjoy this lovely phase instead of being burdened by unnecessary expectations and hindrances. Our Hindi cinema industry has also come up with some funny, interesting and entertaining movies based on children which are a great watch on Children’s Day. Here we have tried to bring a list of movies based on children which are a great watch for their humour, feel-good quotient and the lesson it imparts. Halo, Chillar Party, Makdee, Dhanak, The Blue Umbrella is some of the movies that have been included in the list. These Hindi movies have been chosen purely on the merit that they are not upsetting and have a happy ending to it which is heart-wrenching but at the same time heartwarming and also for the fact that it will help you bond with your child when both of you watch these movies together. Children’s Day Quotes: Best and Famous Quotes Which Will Make You Relive Your Childhood This Bal Diwas 2017

Children’s Day in India is celebrated on November 14, 2017, as a day to celebrate the innocence of children and the importance of children in society. The day also commemorates the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru our country’s first Prime Minister. Schools organize many cultural events and functions for the children and usually distribute some kind of sweets and gifts to the children. Teachers often regale students by acting like them and putting up skits and dance performances.  Children’s Day Special: Best Cartoons and Animation Series That Will Make Any 90s Kid Nostalgic Today


Halo is a very sweet film that features Benaf Dadachandji in lead role. The 1996 film revolves around a seven-year-old girl, Sasha (played by Benaf Dadachandji) who is on a quest to find her lost puppy. The girl suffers from melancholia after losing her mother in childhood even though she has a doting father in the form of Rajkumar Santoshi. During school vacation when all the kids are happily enjoying taking part in plays and games she sits silently aloof refusing to eat properly. Her servant fabricates a story that a miracle will happen in the form of Halo. She soon finds a puppy and befriends it naming him Halo. Her life starts revolving around it till the time she loses it. Her quest in finding Halo takes her through the terrifying streets of Mumbai to a neurotic newspaper editor, a police commissioner and a joyful gang of street urchins.


This adorable movie featuring Shweta Prasad and Shabana Azmi is one of the best movies ever made which features a child in the lead role. The song ‘O Pappad Wale’ became a cult classic and has a lilting beat to it which will make you remember your childhood days and we bet you would love to dance to it with your kid. The movie was directed by Vishal Bharadwaj and Shweta Prasad won the Indian National Film Award for Best Child Artist for 2003 for lead her role in the film.

3.Chillar Party

This 2011 film is a comedy movie directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl. The movie has many children debuting in this film with colourful names like “Silencer”, “Aflatoon”, “Shaolin” etc. It won the 2011 National Film Award for Best Children’s Film. The film has an underlying message that even small children can bring huge change in the functioning of society and the so-called system if they unite for a common cause.

4.The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella is a simple short story written by Ruskin Bond and made into a feature film by Vishal Bharadwaj. The movie features Shreya Sharma and Pankaj Kapur in lead roles. The movie revolves around a small girl called Biniya who procures a blue Japanese umbrella from a tourist by swapping her bear claw necklace and the ongoing tussle that starts between her and Khatri, the village shop owner who wants to claim the umbrella as his own.


Dhanak is a movie written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and features Hetal Gadda and Krrish Chhabria as the two children, playing brother and sister. The movie is a heart-wrenching and heartwarming tale of love, promises, and hope. The movie revolves around ten-year-old Pari and her younger brother who is blind, Chotu. Under Pari had promised that by the age of nine Chotu will regain his eyesight but now that his birthday is approaching the little girl is under pressure to fulfill her promise.

We hope these movies will bring a smile on your face and help to bring the child with you to the forefront. We are sure that watching these movies with your young one will be the best way that you can spend Children’s Day this year.