December is usually the month when people prefer going on a holiday, taking a break from their busy routines. But getting reservations at hotels is equally tough. But what this man did after being denied a room is sure to shock you! In an alarming video that has gone viral, a man in Xi’an city in Shaanxi, China, sprayed the hotel receptionist with a fire extinguisher and left her covered in a cloud of foam. He was reportedly furious for being denied a room. 

Chinese Delivery Man Walks Through A Glass Door and Yet Escapes Injury in This Viral Video

Chinese Delivery Man Walks Through A Glass Door and Yet Escapes Injury in This Viral Video

News reports state that the man had previously had an argument with the front desk executive and was livid with rage. He had called the hotel to book a room, but his request was turned down by the hotel when he refused to reveal his name. This annoyed him and he started hurling abuses at the receptionist over the call. She then hung up on him, according to CGTN. That is when the man lost his cool and drove all the way to the hotel to attack the receptionist. What happened after that has been captured on a surveillance camera.

After reaching the hotel, the man is seen shouting at the receptionist and then attacks her with a fire extinguisher. The receptionist is caught completely unaware. A security guard is desperately trying to calm the man down even as the receptionist is fully covered in white froth. She is visibly frightened and covers her eyes with her hands and tries to make a call.

Watch the video here:

The incident occurred in Xi’an city in China’s Shaanxi province on Saturday. Social media users sympathised with the woman and said that this is the problem with the “Customer is always right” attitude. The video, which has been uploaded to CGTN’s YouTube channel, has received several comments from users calling the man a ‘coward’ for taking on a lady. Some have also said that he should be ashamed of himself. It is not clear if the receptionist was harmed during the attack or if any action was taken against the man.