Beijing, Feb 7: Chinese movie director Zhang Yimou has been fined 7.48 million yuan (about $1.2 million) for violating China’s family planning policy.

Binhu family planning bureau in Wuxi City, Jiangsu province, received the money from Zhang and his wife Chen Ting on Friday, Xinhua reported, citing sources in the bureau.

The money will be turned over to the national treasury.

Zhang and Chen were fined after he acknowledged in December that they had two sons and a daughter.

The amount was calculated based on the couple’s income and the cost of social maintenance. It includes fines and social maintenance fees.

Since November, the bureau has sent nine investigation teams to several cities to collect evidence of the pair’s income, and the couple have signed a document authenticating the amount.

They were required to pay the fees within 30 days of Jan 9, or apply for an administrative review or appeal.