Chinese nationals engaged in the construction of a highway—M4 Motorway in Pakistan’s central Punjab province—Khanewal, attacked policemen deployed for their security. The reason behind the scuffle was that the foreign workers were barred from leaving the camp without the security squad. According to police officials, Chinese engineers wanted to leave the camp and visit a red light area on Tuesday Night. When security officials denied them the permission, they resorted to agitation and attacked policemen. The Chinese nationals also cut off the electricity of the police camp which is situated at the construction site.

Several clips of the attack have been doing rounds on the internet showing Chinese nationals approaching the police officials in a confrontational manner and attacking them. A video showed a Chinese engineer standing on the bonnet of a police van, other video showed the thrashing and local people standing in plain clothes.

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Continuing the agitation on Wednesday, Chinese workers stopped work on the construction project and neglected heavy machinery and vehicles on various roads in the area. They resorted to violence and thrashed police on Wednesday too.

Following the attack, Chinese nationals wrote a letter to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif where they accused police officials of refraining them from their duties and attacking them. They also claimed that security in-charge attempted to hit the Chinese workers with a vehicle. However, police rejected all the accusation and said they were all fabricated.

Later, Khanewal DPO Rizwan Omer Gondal held a meeting with the agitated Chinese nationals following which they agreed to open the blocked roads. The police officials made it clear to Chinese engineers that they are not allowed to leave the camp without security arrangements.

However, the police had avoided to take any legal action against the Chinese nationals and rather three SHOs and six other policemen for not preventing themselves from a clash.