Have you ever watched a movie in a cinema hall amongst people who ruin the movie by talking, user their phone and eating popcorn loudly? Of course you have! To prove this, Coca-Cola created a fake movie trailer which features the people from the movie hall. The clip had a tagline: “When you make noise during the movie, you become part of it.”

Using a green screen and hidden cameras in the waiting area outside the movie hall, the movie-goers from Denmark were filmed and then live-mixed into the fake trailer. The movie-goers were served for sure! It was a light-hearted way of teaching them that small things like talking loudly while others are watching a movie could indeed irritate someone and is plain wrong. (Read: Coca-Cola invents a way to help people cure social media addiction)

But there was something off about the whole arrangement, wasn’t there? Watch Coca-Cola’s crazy lesson to movie-goers in the video below and vote if it’s fake or real:

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